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Jahanje na terenu
  dot Horse riding school
      for children and adults
dot Horseman I and Horseman II
dot Multi-day outdoor riding
      for recreational or professional       horse  riders
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dot Horse ride with "zapravljivček” cart
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tel.: 041-632-486
E-pošta: dusanzima1@gmail.com

Žirovnica is one of the ten villages that are situated on the flatland at the foothills of Stol on the left bank of the Sava river. The area offers numerous walking, hiking, cycling, mountain-biking and horse riding paths and endless possibilities for outdoor activities. Bridle paths throughout the valley are extremely interesting and the riding tours in the mountains are also breathtaking. One of the local attractions is also the ride with the "zapravljivček" or “lojtrnik” cart.

Horse riding centre is located next to our house and it also offers a horse riding school for beginners. If you would like to get to know the surroundings, we suggest outdoor riding. You can also decide for multi-day riding. We also offer the hire of stalls for horses and rent all necessary equipment. The price also includes insurance.

Vožnja z zapravljivčkom Jahalna šola
Jahanje na terenu Jahanje na terenu
Jahanje na terenu Jahanje na terenu
Jahanje na terenu Jahanje na terenu
Jahalna šola Jahalna šola
Jahalna šola Jahalna šola